Wigi... Is that like, the board?

This is my blog. I've had it for a bunch of years... abandoned it for a while... and now I am reviving it... Maybe. Let's see how it goes!
Don't Get Between a Man and His Coffee

I'll save you the long story. The short story is that it really is too much bother to make coffee for myself in the mornings, so I stop at Holiday and get it on the way to work. The advantage of getting coffee at Holiday is that they have this very nice cream dispenser/chiller, so you […]

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What Do You Say?

The phone call ended a bit strangely: "I'm still short, I wear about a size 12, I am kinda blond now, and I'll be wearing a white Nationals shirt and a blue jacket." This is strange because it was uttered by a friend I had known all my life. There was just the matter of […]

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Wake-up Call

The other night I was getting ready to go to bed. My going-to-bed ritual is a bit more complex than most other people, because I use a CPAP. For the uninitiated, a CPAP is a device that combines a gentle air pump and a mask to pressurize your airway. This prevents your soft palate from […]

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