March 23, 2008

Improving a Tradition

My partner and I have been together since 2002, and today is our fifth Easter together. Her family has some traditions, and I've happily integrated them into my annual rituals... but since I've been a part of the family, I've put my mark on their family traditions, too...

One of the places that I've changed the family traditions is the Easter baskets. The kids are not really kids anymore (ages 19 and 21), but they were more kid-like for our first Easter. My partner and I went shopping for Easter basket things, and while we were at the store, I added a few items to the cart to put the kid's baskets: vienna sausages, smoked oysters and a pepperoni stick, to add in with the obligatory chocolate bunny, Peeps and jelly beans.

The kids loved the added items, though they're not really fans of smoked oysters... I knew they wouldn't care for the oysters, but I like them, so I knew at least I would get an Easter snack from their baskets. My additions had become the beginning of a new tradition.

The next year, more of the same, and now, it has become a matter of topping the previous year. This year, I think will be the most spectacular so far. Some of the items are perennial; vienna sausages, smoked oysters and pepperoni. Returning this year are anchovies (a guarantee that I'll be making homemade pizza soon) and pepperoni. This year's new additions are two items that the kids like a lot, but are something that they would never expect in an Easter basket. The first is frozen taquitos, which we are re-packaging into saran wrap and then tied up with Easter ribbons.

The last item is the one that is going to make the real impression. We purchased empty plastic eggs, about the size of a grapefruit (but of course, shaped like an egg). Inside each egg, we're going to put Chili con Carne.

Who says Easter baskets are just for kids?

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