October 21, 2008

Kid Chow

I don't have kids.
I never wanted kids.
I did once.
But I laid down,
and the feeling went away.
My partner has kids.
They're really kids in adults clothing.
One of the kids has kids.
The kid's kid spent the weekend with us.
it was off to the store.
To get food for the kids's kid.
and chocolate milk.
And bread,
and ham.
Cereal and regular milk, too.
So as I navigated the aisles,
food for the kid's kid filled the basket.
And then I noticed it.
Froot Loops.
But not the cereal.
Cereal straws.
Adults would call these 'cookies'.
Except they're Froot Loop-colored
and flavored.
I guess they're a guise.
"Drink all your milk, Jenny."

No sugar shortage here.

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