December 22, 2007

One-Paragraph Stories

He sat at a table, waiting for his date. He was thirsty, but wasn't ready to take a sip from his water until she showed up. He had an excellent view of the door from his seat, an after a few minutes, a woman walked in. She whispered something to the hostess, and then walked towards the restrooms. Couples and families came into the restaurant, but none of them were his date. After another few minutes, the woman that had walked in and gone to the bathrooms reappeared and walked back to the hostess and handed her a tip, and then walked out. He took a sip of water. He grabbed a piece of bread from the basket and put butter on it.

She walked into the restaurant and immediately spied her date. But rather than heading to her table, she walked up to the hostess and asked to be directed to the payphone, and briskly walked to the back of the restaurant. When she reached the privacy of the payphone area, she pulled out her cellphone and made a call. "Oh, he's here all right... A complete dork... (long pause)... Oh, really?? What time? (pause)... I can be there in ten minutes... (pause)... OK, see you there!" She hung up her phone, and took a couple dollars from her handbag and walked back to the hostess. "Hey, thanks, hon..." she said, as she slipped the bills into the hostess' hand. She walked out the door and got in her car.

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