December 17, 2008

The Unintended Thoughts Behind Dialing With Your Behind

Does it say more about me or my waistline that I've been butt-dialing a lot lately?

I received a text message from a friend last night. I responded, and went to bed. This morning I got dressed, slapped my phone to the belt holster and went out to start the car. After I started the car, I came inside and was getting my breakfast together, when I received a text message:

"Good morning u done 3 butt calls this morning"

I had to respond:

"Sorry about that... At least you know that part of me is thinking about you!"

Part of the problem is the crappy design of my phone - a Motorola Q. All of the business buttons are raised and exposed to whatever I happen to bump into.

But here's the thing... a couple months ago, my butt-dialing escapades were much more infrequent.

I'm becoming a wide-body.

Now for those of you who have met me, I will concede that I was already a bit of a wide-body... but I had made some progress and lost quite a bit of weight.

(confession follows)

I've been slacking lately.

(there, I said it)

I need to get back to the gym... and not just to stop my rampant butt-dialing.

But on the other hand... isn't it nice to know that you're number one in my phone? You're the last number dialed? Your text message was the last one I received? And when strapped on the seatbelt this morning, and the phone pressed against the buckle, it redialed your number.

See? I was thinking of you... or at least, you were foremost in the mind of my PDA.

Hope I didn't wake you up!

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