October 30, 2008

Where Was My Head Today?

Today was a very distracting day... my mind was elsewhere... and it got me in trouble... twice.

I was at the local burrito place, and after lunch I felt the need to return some of the iced tea I had for lunch. I had my sunglasses on... and the restaurant was crowded. I walked into the bathroom, and as I was walking in, a woman behind me says, "Um, excuse me..."

I looked at her, and she smiled... and I looked into the bathroom, and on the door... and there was the sign that said, "Women" on it.


Later, I was at the bank, and I was waiting in line, and the floor manager was working one of the windows... I know her rather well... we're on a first name basis... and I noticed from a distance that she had a pendant on that was right down in her cleavage. From a distance, the pendant looked like some sort of halloween ornament... it was orange and black. I am not sure whether the pendant or the cleavage was more compelling to me... but no matter... because when I got to her window, I noticed it wasn't a halloween thing at all. Autumnal, yes. But not a pumpkin. So I blurted out, while staring at her cleavage, "Oh, that's not a pumpkin!"


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