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Pharmaceutical Grudge Match

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There are two problems with having a cold. One is that you don’t feel like doing that much, except lying around and watching television. The other is that you lie around and watch television.

And since I am watching television, I must tell you, I am confused.

There’s a drug out there that men can take that men take to help them urinate. There is a drug out there that women take that prevents them from urinating.

Now I am not making light of the fact that there are real medical reasons why one might need one of those or the other… and that for those that suffer those conditions, those are real problems. But you have to admit, it is rather strange that there are two drugs whose primary purpose is to prevent what the other one does.

This is not a new area of interest for me. About twenty years ago I worked in radio, where I was the studio engineer – and this meant listening to a lot of late night talk radio programs, and inserting the commercials into the broadcasts. I always thought it was interesting that you would get ads for ozone generators and antioxidants in the same program. And when I was in grad school, my thesis advisor would regularly direct me to the dietary supplement aisle at the grocery store, where I might find just the right mood enhancer (guarana) that one might need to complete your thesis as quickly and effectively as possible. In my search for her supplement du jour, I came across two products, made by different manufacturers: Undo and Redo. I have no idea what they did, but I imagined that one was the antidote for the other.

As for those drugs that assist with urinary symptoms, I think we’re left with our imagination as to whether they would duke it out in a biochemical battle. First, women aren’t even supposed to handle the drug for men, much less take it. And honestly, I think most men are a bit too squeamish about how things function ‘down there’ to entertain themselves by taking them both and seeing which one wins.

What an ugly battle that would be.

The Aisle With the Pain Relievers

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You can tell a lot about a man by what he keeps in his top right desk drawer. In my case, you can also tell a lot by what sits in front of the second computer on my desk.

So yesterday, I decided that I needed to go through the two places that I store pharmaceuticals and see what I had.

What I had was a lot of empty bottles.

When you own your own business, you can’t really afford sick days. So I have made it a point to have a pretty significant supply of over-the-counter remedies for most of the common maladies that could strike – especially those that would happen during the work day. I am all about prevention, too… I get a flu shot every year, and I am really good about washing my hands and other hygiene issues during the cold season. I think I avoid a lot of colds and other bugs that way.

Number one on the list: Advil Liquigels. I had at least three empty Costco-sized bottles. Admittedly, I don’t throw those out, so that was probably half a year’s supply represented by those empties. But still, that’s a lot of headaches that were snuffed out by the liquid ibuprofen.

I also have a large bottle of Calcium-Magnesium-Zinc supplements – great for after workouts, and the zinc is great for cold prevention. I also have Zicam and zinc lozenges. That is the 1-2-3 punch I use when I get that first hint of a cold. My partner won’t touch the Zicam, though. She doesn’t see much point of jamming something that is already so much like snot back up your nose. I am convinced that I have stopped colds dead in their tracks with the zinc attack.

I have a few other things, too… Cough and congestion things… and for those days when a cup of coffee just isn’t enough, guarana. My advisor in grad school got me started on those. Of course, she was also a regular consumer of “Happy Camper”, and when things got really tough, Paxil. I don’t have any of those.

But the real eye-opener was the Advil. I wonder if it is the stress of work or my Internet activities that lead me to take so much.

We’ll never know.